'Fashion is about the look and feels that clothes give; a reflection of the individual and society. Sustainability is part of this reflection.’ - Melanie Brown


handmade patterns BYBROWN tailored raincoats,regenjassen with back of grey raincoat

Our primary concern is designing excellent raincoats, however we always take sustainability into consideration, incorporating sustainable practice into the collections wherever possible; whether that be in the materials, the production or the design process.
We don’t have all the answers, but at BYBROWN we believe in taking positive steps towards a sustainable transformation. Taking positive steps in responsible production, consumption and post-consumption, whilst creating awareness and spreading sustainable values.

Produced in limited quantities, each design series is made from technical and recycled fabrics, produced with laser cutting and heat sealing technology.

The future is about recycling and using as few virgin materials as possible and we are currently in the process of developing our first recyclable coat, working towards a circular business.

All our coats are sustainably and ecologically manufactured in Europe (Portugal) with certified partners. Our main manufacturing partner, Pafil, is a family-owned business based in Barcelos, Portugal. Pafil pledges to be fully committed to social, environmental and economic development, based on true values such as ethics and respect as well as seek to fulfil their responsibility towards customers, employees, suppliers and the environment. We are proud to work with this company where BY BROWN products are made for (mostly) women by (mostly) women. BYBROWN's design headquarters are located in the creative space ‘BOUW’ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. BOUW is a collaborative working space for artists and designers.

BYBROWN operates on a local scale whenever possible. This maintains a sense of intimacy and supports our sustainable ethos. We only work with partners and external parties who understand the brand’s philosophy and connect with our beliefs.

‘BYBROWN has a unique vision in contemporary fashion and is sustainable which nowadays is fundamental to a better future.’ - Sozzani Maino, Head of Vogue Talents at Vogue Italia.

All BYBROWN’s coats are certified with Bluesign® certification which guarantees responsible and sustainable manufacturing of textile consumer products.
BYBROWN's newest outerwear jackets are made from up to 51% recycled waste. The inner layer of the 3 layered material is made from a textile called S.Café. Recycled coffee grounds are combined with certified recycled PET and processed into special fibres which are woven into this great performance material. S.Cafe is fast-drying, has natural odour-control, offers UV protection and is also eco-friendly. The top layer of the material is made from polyester, while a clever Singtex middle membrane makes the fabric waterproof and breathable, allowing moisture to move away from the body, for example wicking away sweat while cycling.

Our lining insulation is made from 100% recycled polyester from post-consumer recycled PET bottles supplied by the German company Freudenberg. This is an ecologically-minded choice that offers superior durability and wearing comfort that warms to temperatures of -15ºC.

A brand that works with Bluesign® approved materials, caring for the environment and people, BYBROWN promotes material innovation and incorporates sustainable practice where ever possible. For example, our hangtags are made from recycled paper, and our textile labels are made from 100% recycled polyester.

We don't use any animal products in our coats. Our linings are made of 100% recycled PET and we do not use down feathers. No animal derived ingredients are used in our products.

BYBROWN textile made from recycled coffee grounds

At BYBROWN our business is designing the best products and therefore we stand behind everything we create. We believe in the quality of craftsmanship and materials of our coats and want you as the customer to share this experience. Ultimately, we want to be at your side at every step of the garment’s journey, as we strongly believe in building a trusting relationship with you.

Regular re-impregnation of your BYBROWN coat protects from dirt and helps the beading effect of water. You can treat your coat with a waterproof spray suitable for laminated materials after washing to maintain the waterproof qualities.

Do you have any questions or requests about your purchase? Let us know and we will do our best to help you out.

Extending the life of a garment is an important aspect of sustainability. Sometimes unexpected things happen, a snap button breaks or a seam comes loose. When customers come back with a damaged product, we always try to repair it where ever possible. So please send in items for repairs or come by in person. More repair information here.

If you can't repair an item of clothing and it has come to the end of it's useful life then do dispose of it using the recycling bins so that it doesn't end up in landfill.

BYBROWN was a founding partner of forward-thinking project ReBlend, a Dutch based initiative which produces yarns and fabrics by recycling post-consumer blended textile waste.
We are always interested in developing innovative and sustainable textiles. One exciting collaboration was with the print artist Marnix Postma exclusively for VOGUE ITALIA. We designed a t-shirt made from a mixture of milk fibre blended with organic cotton and modal.

Philosophy on using recycled materials
BYBROWN wants to recapitalise polyester.
Humans have invented plastic and it has been a great part of the development of our society but we have become addicted to plastic causing its overconsumption. As plastics are non-biodegradable, we need to solve the waste issues it causes, as what’s in circulation is not going away.
We believe that it’s up to brands to educate themselves and reuse what already exists in a responsible way. Manufacturing with recycled polyesters reduces our dependence on petroleum as a virgin resource and reduces greenhouse gases. It also addresses our waste problem.
We aim to run a supply chain that is fully circular, producing all our coats from recycled polyester, replacing PET with recycled textile waste.

Circular ambitions with a new coat
Melanie Brown is now researching ways towards reaching complete circularity. She hopes that textile and recycling innovation will soon allow her to create a fully recyclable coat to complete the brand’s circular ambitions. People would be incentivised to send coats back at end of life for her to recycle into new ones, so completing the circle. The brand is also looking into alternative business practices like setting up a rental service, through cross industry collaboration in order to eliminate obsolete consumption. This offers the consumer a different relationship with their clothes and changes consumption behaviour. BYBROWN reached the semi-finals of The European Social Innovation Competition in 2021 with their forward-thinking business plan.