Elevating rainwear beyond protection.


The brand has tailoring at its creative heart, where strong constructed forms give the clothes a minimalist attitude, and unexpected details add a playful element. Within the tailored lines there lays a soft tension, a dualism, which captures the essence of BYBROWN.

Combining engineered craftsmanship with contemporary, raw elegance, BYBROWN is driven by technical tailored design. The integration of form, function and fashion come together in our clothes and signature rainwear.

The discerning BYBROWN woman is strong and individual as well as sensual and feminine. She demands a lot from her clothes, which reflect her individuality and offer her protection. This allows her to express her state of mind in all the extremities that her environment may throw at her.

BYBROWN has been making rainwear since 2014 in Amsterdam and the British designer Melanie Brown is the driving force behind the brand. 



'On a rainy day, while I was working on a piece of clothing that forms around the body, it got to me. I realized the dress I was working on had the potential to be rainwear. Like many women urban cyclists I was sick of looking 'sad' in the rain. It seemed to make sense to turn this into a rain cape for cycling, and Amsterdam was the perfect city to test it in.'

In November 2014 BYBROWN launched the RAINDRESS, which is engineered for urban cycling in the rain. The Raindress marries the two elements of style and functionality through technical fabrics, laser cutting and bonding technology and most importantly a key silhouette. This has led to a technical tailored design ethos within BYBROWN in which we want to push the boundaries between fashion and technology.

Since first being presented on the catwalk during the Mercedes Benz fashion week in Amsterdam, the Raindress has gone on to receive Silver from The International A'Design Award category in fashion, apparel and garment design for its innovative approach in performance garment design.

‘This ideal wet-weather style is an integration of technology with form and fashion. When a woman puts the Raindress on she feels protected and empowered and ultimately the rain becomes a positive thing… something worth dressing up for. I aim to change the face of urban rainwear for women,’ says Melanie.

Since the launch of the Raindress we have developed our rainwear further. We are very happy and honoured to have received support from the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie in order to research and develop the line.


the sustainable collection Reblend during amsterdam fashion week 2015


The Sustainable Story

Wherever possible the brand incorporates sustainable practice into the collections; in the materials, the production and the design process. Design and product comes first but sustainability is always taken into consideration where possible.

We believe that the fashion industry has to be more forward thinking in it’s approach to looking after the future of our planet. Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world and although this can’t be changed in one go, at BYBROWN we believe in taking small steps towards a positive transformation. Small steps in sustainable production, consumption and post consumption, creating awareness and limiting the damage caused.

BYBROWN works with Blue Sign approved materials, caring for the environment and people. The brand is at the forefront of material innovation using materials made from recycled coffee grounds, recycled polyester and milk bacteria. We believe that the future is about recycling and using as few virgin materials as possible. We are currently in the process of developing our first recyclable coat with a circular business plan.

 We do all our production with our certified European partners.

‘Fashion is about the look and feel that clothes give; a reflection of the individual and the society. Sustainability is part of this reflection.’   Melanie Brown 

BYBROWN is part of the forward thinking project ReBlend, a Dutch based initiative, which aims to produce yarns and fabrics by recycling blended textile waste. It is a joint cooperation with partners Anita de Wit, Joanneke Lootsma, Sympany, Texperium, Ahrend, Recover/Hilatures Feree, Van de Acker, Karin Marseille, Knit Wear Lab, Linnemore Nefdt.