At BYBROWN, we strongly believe in quality, craftsmanship and creating long-lasting and durable products. However, in case of any unexpected shortcomings, we’re happy to repair your BYBROWN item free of charge (returned shipping fees not included).

You can treat your coat with a waterproof spray suitable for laminated materials after washing to maintain the waterproof qualities. Regular re-impregnation of your BYBROWN coat protects from dirt and helps the beading effect of water.


Important notes:

1. Our materials are 100% waterproof up to 10,000MM water column. However, in extremely rare cases, exceeding 10,000MM, rain/water can start penetrating the materials.

2. We can repair the following: Zips, buttons, snaps, tears.

To get a product repaired, you can follow these steps:

1.  Please send us an email to: with your order number and state the kind of repairs you need for the item.

2.  You can mail your item to: Ferdinand Huyckstraat 40, 1061 HW Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

3.  You will be responsible for paying for the shipping costs for sending your item to us for repair. We will be responsible for the return shipping costs back to you. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

4.  As soon as we have received the item, we will do all we can to repair the item for you from our studio in Amsterdam. We will post the item back to you free of charge.

5.  After all possible repairs are done, we will send the package back to the address provided by you.