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Now in its 8th year, the European Social Innovation Competition acts as a beacon for social innovators in Europe, facilitating a network of radical innovators shaping society for the better. Over the last few years, the competition has mobilised thousands of Europeans in an effort to create more social, environmental and economic value in our communities.
This year, the competition is themed 'Reimagine Fashion': Changing behaviours for sustainable fashion and we are happy to announce that BYBROWN was selected as a semi-finalist.

As a sustainable brand, striving to support a more circular economy, in this project we re-evaluate the true purpose of the raincoat by developing an inclusive product which is durable, 100% recyclable and rentable.
BYBROWN’s plan is to distribute the unisex, circular coat ‘CONNECT’ to Amsterdam hotels, offering hotel guests a rented raincoat on rainy days, thus offering them a more sustainable way to travel.
The idea is to move away from ownership and take the next step towards circularity, making a true impact on the use of resources and consumption attitudes.
BYBROWN’s success over the years has been driven by our aim to innovate in our design and supply chain, striving for transparency towards our consumers.

If you would like to read more about the competition in Dutch please take a look at the article from Fashion United,

BYBROWN semifinalist in EUSIC reimagine competition 2020