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BYBROWN presented at the launch of WE ARE MUZE, a Dutch fashion collective together with three other labels, Electric Co by Conny Groenenwegen, Jessica Joyce and LoveLuha. The official debut took place in the beautiful and imposing Hôtel d’Avaray, the residence of the ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Paris.

The BYBROWN presentation was an ode to the tenacity of nature, looking at  natures capacity to always finds a way however difficult urban mankind makes it for her. This co-existence creates an energy, the regeneration of nature, its necessity for our well being, which represents hope.

The presentation consists of three models all together inside/ wearing the RAINBARRIER. The Rainbarrier is a protection of thin PU, transparent plastic which allows the three women to act together as one organism, in contact with each other, breathing and reacting together. They each are dressed in their own BYBROWN outfit and are protected from the damp, unfriendly, even scary world outside. They have to co-exist together in the barrier. They feel good, strong, energised and protected with in an uneasy harmony.

There are split-second moments of unease, discomfort as they are reminded that they are separate, sometimes not working with each other but against each other. There are nano moments when their connection represents a kind of struggle, there is an unrest which is apparent in the way the models move in sudden jerky movements. These moments are a contradicts to the over the acceptance of their co-existence that is harmonious most of the time.

WE ARE MUZE takes its name from a whimsical persona that the designers have sculpted together, their muse, who allows them to showcase their individuality and strength. We Are Muze functions as a platform that offers possibilities to share experience and knowledge and for designers to join forces.

The collective has a fluid construction allowing it to work with artists in photography, film, dance, graphic design and other fields. The designers aspire to touch the senses, spark the imagination and use their muse as a language to develop new dialogues.

It is supported by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency through the Partners for International Business Programme, promoting Dutch fashion in France.