'An outspoken approach needs an outspoken logo'

Over the past 10 years within the fashion industry there has been a trend towards minimalist logos. This trend kick-started by Yves Saint Laurent was soon followed by fashion houses, Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, Balmain and Burberry. The ideology was to make these brands more global by moving away from specific references to their heritage and simplifying their form.

BYBROWN is the exception that proves the rule, going against this trend and making a bold statement with our new logo. Over the years BYBROWN has become an innovator within the world of rainwear. With our tailoring approach we challenge the very boxy silhouette associated with rainwear.

bybrown logo and iconic b, graphic design

Developing the logo we worked with Amsterdam based Art Director Sofie Splinder and Berlin based Graphic Designer Vladimir Llovet Casademont. This extremely talented, creative team designed a logo that felt just perfect for what BYBROWN stands for and what we want to achieve.

The logo is something unexpected and a little controversial. It has the punk element which reflects the British upbringing and heritage of BYBROWN’S founder and designer Melanie Brown. It encapsulates the dualism within BYBROWN, a non-conformity which is juxtapositioned by the very clean ‘tailoring’ font, adding a touch of premium luxury. The logo has a rhythm of contrasts which follows the design ethos of the brand.

It has an energy which translates to the garments; when a woman puts on our coats, she feels empowered and energised. The coats protect her from a flash of rain or lightning. The logo also represents the craftsmanship in the brand with our monogram ‘B’ that has the same shape as a needle or a pair of shears, sharp and pointed on the outside and curved on the inside like the tools of the tailoring / couture atelier.

With special thanks to @sofiespindler @vladimirllovet