At BYBROWN we have great admiration for women who are involved in the world around them, full of enthusiasm and generosity. Actress, filmmaker and social entrepreneur Hanna Verboom is one such woman. She is passionate about telling her stories and sharing her experiences, aiming to help people understand one another better. Her passion is reflected in her two founding projects ‘Cinetree’ and ‘Get It Done’.

In 2014 Hanna founded Cinetree, an online platform whose mission is to offer its members movies that tell a good story. Every week, the platform shows new, unique films and documentaries that focus on inspiring, entertaining and deepening stories about people's lives; films with a social relevance. The selection of films is curated by experts from the film industry itself and includes people such as Humberto Tan, Thomas Acda, Halina Reijn, Carice van Houten, Olivia Lonsdale en Sacha Polak. It is a source of good quality movies which will touch your heart and set your mind in motion.

Her second big passion ‘Get It Done’ offers workshops and retreats that help participants reach their self-optimal potential. The NGO was founded in 2009, when a personal connection between Hanna and a young Kenyan girl named Cheruto, led her to find out how powerful the joy of giving can truly be. A personal belief that anyone can do something for someone else through a change in mindset. The act of giving is the secret to a happy & healthy life, which is reflected in Hanna’s personality and the DNA of ‘Get It Done’. We're in this together, let's get it done together.

Hanna Verboom wearing BYBROWN raincoat,regenjas,long,black,dark green, sustainable.
Hanna Verboom wearing BYBROWN raincoat,regenjas,long,black,dark green, sustainable.

Hanna’s entrepreneurial mindset, her belief that we can all make a difference and her love for sustainability make her an inspiration.