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AGILE is our raindress engineered for cycling in the rain. This packable rainwear is to be worn as a layer over everyday outfits, all year round.

A reflective strip down the centre of the back gives visibility.
Two loops at the front give a secure fit on either leg.
A sash allows a fit at the waist.
A hood provides extra protection with 100% side view visibility.
Weighted hems in the cape and the skirt offer wind resistance.
In five simple steps, the entire dress snaps up into a bag.

Made in Portugal.

Bluesign® industry-approved, 2 - layer technical material.
Waterproof W/P 10,000mm H2O (water column) (JIS L 1092 6 I B)
Breathable M/P800+/-300 gm/m2/24hrs (JIS L 1099 B1)
Laser-cut finishings.
Thermal bonded and sealed seams.

86% Polyester and 14% Polyurethane Satin.

Always hang up to dry completely after use.
Wipe with a wet sponge to remove stains.
Machine washable at 30ºC, only on a setting for delicates.
Using a detergent for delicate fabrics.
Do not use fabric softener.
Do not tumble dry or dry clean.
Iron on the outside only.

Worldwide *Front apron length
*Front apron length
*Back cape length
*Back cape length
Petite/small 107 42 72 28
Regular/medium 113 44 79 31
Tall/large 119 47 83 33

*measured from the (high point shoulder) HPS to bottom hem. The point where the shoulder meets the neck at the highest point

The sizes and measurements are calculated for height
Under 162cm – petite/small
Between 162-172cm – regular/medium
Above 172cm tall/large

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Customer Reviews

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Suscha Merei Sandbrink
Beautiful and elegant rainwear: A real eye catcher

When I first ran into the rain dress and tried it on, I was immediately amazed by the way it fitted my body, the elegant lines and the fabric (which is very soft instead of the plastic-like feeling we’re used to when it comes to rainwear).

I also was amazed by the amount of detail it entails: You can see that every detail is thought of and it is designed to be both practical and beautiful. Because of the length it's perfect for cycling since it keeps your legs dry, the cap stays on your head even when the wind is very hard and the back the dress is a bit heavier than the front so it won’t blow all directions if the wind is playing with it.
I love the soft fabric, the The elegant lines of this coat make me feel feminine and powerful.

The rain dress is a pleasure to wear and a real eye catcher. Every time I wear it, I get a lot of looks, compliments and people come up to me to ask where I got it from.

Most people associate rainwear with sweaty, shapeless objects. But the raindress is the first stylish and elegant rainwear I ever seen. I am super happy with it and I highly recommend the dress to all!

Dear Suscha,
Thank you so much for writing the review. It is so nice to hear your positive feed back!
All the best,

Emily Besa
The raindress is fantastic for cycling in the city!

It's beautifully designed and functions gorgeously as well—my first outing with the Agile raindress was such a treat! I wore it over another jacket and arrived at my destination completely dry and comfortable.
Usually biking in the rain is something I try to avoid, as it's often rather unpleasant. The Agile raindress has changed that for me.
The material is a lovely matte fabric with a really nice hand and drape to it, not at all what you would expect from rainwear. I really love the way it's cut and have received many compliments on it—it is such a unique and special piece!
The hood has a subtle visor to it and fastens perfectly underneath the chin (it's adjustable) so my peripheral vision isn't obscured in any way.
There is a lot of care and thought that has gone into the raindress and it is evident in the way it performs and looks.

Liz Turner
I can recommend the raindress

When I put it on for the first time I actually wanted it to start raining so that I could go out and bike around showing it off. It's all about dressing up and feeling good about heading out on your bicycle in the rain, and if that's not an argument for the transformative power of fashion then I don't know what is.

The dress pulls over the head, tied with a sash at the back and fastens under the arms, so it's loose enough to fit over a light jacket or coat. The skirt is long enough to give good coverage and the elastic loops around the legs keep it in place when you're cycling. The loose design gives sufficient freedom of movement and adequate ventilation without too much air resistance. A nice touch is the weighted hems on the skirt and cape, which keep everything from flapping about in the high wind.
The hood fastens snugly under the chin and the tucked design means that it stays put and doesn't impede visibility when you turn your head. It fits easily over a helmet.

It keeps me very dry and my only complaint I have so far is that the short hem on the cape at the back means a wet backside if I hop on the bike without first wiping water off the saddle.

So yes. I can definitely recommend the Raindress. If you're an urban cycle commuter and you're fed up with anoraks and nylon over-trousers in bad weather then this is the product for you.