BYBROWN's powerful new collection, FORCE plays with the idea of freedom and fears, exploring the relationship between both emotions.

The rope in the collection encapsulates the tension between control and freedom and can be seen as an element to suppress your freedom, keeping you captive, juxtaposing this view it can also be seen as an element that provides you with security, giving you the safety to express your freedom and push your boundaries.

We stormed through Paris Fashion Week with our SS 2018 collection FORCE, presenting our powerful new season pieces in Atelier Neerlandais and Tranoi trade show.

BYBROWN is part of the Dutch fashion collective, We Are Muze and together we presented our individual collections at Paris Fashion Week. The collective teamed up with budding designer Dewi Vingerling, genderless footwear brand Peterson + Stoop and artist Cheryl Schurgers to create an unforgettable performance at the Atelier Neerlandais.

Cheryl Schurgers is a visual artist working with photography, who explores the relationship between the cold scrutiny of the camera and the human body. Some of Cheryl's images resemble film stills, referring to the stereotypical idea of twins and characters whose personalities are subconsciously merging into one, blurring identities.

The idea of working with Cheryl is borrowed from her Next of Kin photo series where she, posing together with her sister, plays with the perception of similarity and multiple identities. That idea relates to the multiple identities of the muse in We Are Muze and allows an interaction between the collective designers and Cheryl, with Cheryl herself as the central muse.

The presentation took us on a journey with Cheryl, who focuses on identity portrayed through the media. All the models were given black wigs to embody Cheryl's image and they were restricted to positions that only Cheryl chose. This emphasised the way in which personalities are manipulated and controlled to be the same through the media.