The Sustainable Story

VOGUE ITALIA | Photography by Martina Giammaria
Exclusive BYBROWN x Marnix Postma T-SHIRT, exclusively designed for VOGUE ITALIA | YOOX

The British born designer Melanie Brown is the driving force behind the brand. Graduating in Fashion at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, Brown has worked in the fashion industry for nearly 20 years.

A brand that works with Bluesign® approved materials, caring for the environment and people, BYBROWN incorporates sustainable practice into all collections; in the materials, the production and the design process. The brand promotes material innovation using everything from recycled coffee grounds, milk bacteria, recycled polyester and recycled wool.

Fashion is an extremely polluting industry; three fifths of clothes end up in land fill or the incinerator, 8% of the world's green house gases are produced by the industry, 20 to 25 percent of globally produced chemical compounds are utilized in the textile-finishing industry contaminating water and soil. Although this can’t be changed in one go, at BYBROWN we believe in taking positive steps towards a sustainable transformation. Taking positive steps in sustainable production, consumption and post-consumption, creating awareness and spreading sustainable values.

The future is about recycling and using as few virgin materials as possible. We are currently in the process of developing our first recyclable coat, starting the evolvement of a circular business. We do all our production with our certified European partners.

BYBROWN is a founding partner of the forward-thinking project ReBlend, a Dutch-based initiative, which aims to produce yarns and fabrics by recycling blended textile waste. It is a joint cooperation with partners Anita de Wit, Sympany, Texperium, Ahrend, Recover/Hilatures Feree, Van de Acker, Karin Marseille, Knit Wear Lab, Linnemore Nefdt, Joanneke Lootsma and BYBROWN.