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What's the story behind the Model's health pledge?

The Model's Health Pledge was created after State Secretary Martin van Rijn of the Dutch Ministry of Health engaged in dialogue with the industry about the health of models. The initiative moved forward with the National Prevention Programme 'Alles is Gezondheid' ('All about Health') and kicked-off during Amsterdam Fashion Week in July 2016. Since then 30 companies signed the Pledge and shared their expertise concerning the functionality and operation of the platform over the course of a year. Those dialogues and research resulted in The Model's Health Pledge platform and reporting point.

What is the pledge?

The Pledge, the heart of The Model's Health Pledge platform, contains twelve promises to improve the health of models and to pursue healthy working conditions for everyone working in the fashion industry. It is the basis of this intention that is expressed by all affiliated companies to promote health. By signing this pledge, organisations and individuals consciously promise to care for their personal body and minds as well as that of all their employees and contractors.


How is BYBROWN getting involved?

BYBROWN was invited to the pledge evening, which saw some of the industry's biggest names taking the stand against working with unhealthy models, in a pledge to create and maintain a healthy working environment for fashion professionals.

We believe that it is important that more people in the fashion industry acknowledge the problem we have concerning the health of models and take a stand to work towards a solution. The first step, speak out and sign up!