In November 2014 BYBROWN launched the RAINDRESS, which is engineered for urban cycling in the rain. The Raindress marries the two elements of style and functionality through technical fabrics, laser cutting and bonding technology and most importantly a key silhouette. This has led to a technical tailored design ethos within BYBROWN in which we want to push the boundaries between fashion and technology.

‘This ideal wet-weather style is an integration of technology with form and fashion When a woman puts the Raindress on she feels protected and empowered and ultimately make rain a positive thing… something worth dressing up for. I aim to change the face of urban rain wear for women,’ said Melanie.



Concept & Art direction – Occult Studio

Photography – Jasper Abels

Styling – Robert Risteski

Model – Danyelle de Jager @ Code

Hair and make-up – Ellen Romeijn