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We all know that the fashion-industry uses extreme amounts of water, often using it in a way that is damaging to the environment as well as wasteful. Meanwhile, there are people in developing countries longing for clean water to drink. We wanted to contribute to a cause that is doing something about this problem. That’s why BYBROWN is co-operating with Join the Pipe, the first community of tap water drinkers. People are joining from all over the world, sharing the same dream of redistributing drinking water in a fairer way. The 'Join the Pipe' Foundation dreams of building the longest water pipe in the world, long enough so that everyone, everywhere has access to clean drinking water. Join the Pipe promotes tap water drinking and helps developing nations gain access to clean drinking water and sanitation.

Many people want the option of filling up their water bottle while they are out and about. It is an inexpensive, healthy and environmentally friendly option to make tap water accessible. 'Join The Pipe' tap water is amongst the best in the world! It is healthy and offers less waste than bottled water. A tap water station can be placed anywhere! In a city or community square, a busy street corner, a bus station, park, school, sports field or even in the hallway of a company!

To date 'Join The Pipe' has placed 450 tap water stations. Their tap water stations were developed in partnership with water companies in The Netherlands. They meet the highest quality standards, are vandal resistant and can be used year round.

'Every tap water station that we place is connected to a water project in a developing nation.'

Most schools don’t have water, soap or toilet paper in their washrooms. Since most children drink water from their hands, this creates the possibility of spreading waterborne illnesses. To help prevent this, join the pipe provide water bottles for the children to drink from. An effective way to lessen the threat of waterborne illnesses, prevent the spilling of water and enable children to bring water from home in case there is no water available at school. The sustainable water bottles are reusable and are made of BPA free plastic.

Use a join the pipe water bottle, filling up from the water stations to reduce your consumption of plastic bottles.