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BYBROWN presents ʻGuess Whoʼs Coming to Dinner Too? ʼ a community art project by visual artist and activist Patricia Kaersenhout. The project is firmly rooted in Amsterdam West through a unique, intensive collaboration between three cultural institutions: AGA LAB, GildeLab and WOW Amsterdam.

The opening of the exhibition was marked by a performance, during which 36 men performed a ʻhakaʼ (a sacred Maori ceremonial war dance) in honour of 36 Black women, ʻheroines of resistance.' BYBROWN is honoured to have designed the 36 tunics which were worn by the performing dancers during the opening.

The linings are printed with images and texts about the heroines, all from non-western cultures. They resisted their oppressors and advocated equal rights and are thus represented on the table. During the performance, their stories are borne literally and figuratively by the men.

ʻGuess Whoʼs Coming to Dinner Too? ʼ delivers an artistic critique of Judy Chicagoʼs ʻThe Dinner Partyʼ (1979), which celebrates strong women but denies women of colour their sexuality. Inspired by this work, Kaersenhout builds an installation consisting of a large triangular dining table, full of symbolism, where she honours Black women on table clothes printed by AGA LAB and embroidered by women, both in Africa and in Amsterdam West.
Black is written here with a capital ʻBʼ, as itʼs not the colour of skin but the political meaning that matters.