FIVE years anniversary

FIVE years anniversary

BYBROWN celebrates its 5 year anniversary with the introduction of a new logo, campaign and pop up store in Amsterdam.

The brand came a long way since its original Raindress won the International A’design Award back in 2014. With a fresh perspective in rainwear, the designer developed a form fitting couture dress engineered for cycling in the rain. Since then, the brand has been committed to developing designs that are a combination of elegant tailoring with a raw attitude while remaining sustainable.



Retaining the core attributes while taking a bold step forward, BYBROWN introduces a contemporary attitude with the new logo.

Incorporating a tailor’s needle and sheers with the flash of a storm pouring rain, the new logo stands out. The woman should feel empowered and energised when wearing BYBROWN, and the new logo encapsulates the dynamic spirit of the brand.


Freedom and power.

FIVE, BYBROWN’s latest campaign reveres strength and elegance with a punk attitude.

The horse is a representation of freedom without restraint. It is powerful but at the same time, calm and sensitive. 

During the month of November 2019 we had the pleasure to celebrate the brand’s anniversary with a pop up store located in the heart of Amsterdam 9 streets.  Customers had the chance to try on and purchase, first hand, BYBROWN’s new ultimate coats: Wave and Spirit.