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Talent and ingenuity lead the race, brilliant ideas and ingenious prototypes play a central role. By combining design and technology in different ways, designers constantly invent new bikes. The result is a finish between design, outstanding craftsmanship and industry.

Over the past decade, the bike has made an immense comeback as a means of transport. This revival is a worldwide phenomenon and brings us back to the time that the bike was an important means of transport in our lives and in the urban network. At the time when fossil fuel deficiencies, increasing the pollution and warming of the earth are causing ever greater challenges, it is almost logical that the bicycle now becomes a priority.

Projects such as the London Underline and the Van Gogh Roosegaarde cycle path in Eindhoven explore the theme of mobility, while other projects serve to illustrate aspects of the bicycle community. The exhibition examines what the future holds for the bicycle. Other aspects of cycling such as mobility, safety and the 'bicycle community' are also discussed in this new exhibition in the Cube Museum in Limburg (Holland).

The exhibition is built for design, craftsmanship and industry. The Raindress from BYBROWN is a part of the exhibition and marries the two elements of style and functionality through technical fabrics, laser cutting and bonding technology and most importantly a key silhouette. This has led to a technical tailored design ethos within BYBROWN in which we want to push the boundaries between fashion and technology.

Designed by IMF Foundation and Design museum Gent.
Show curator: Elisabetta Pisu
Curator of theme mobility: Evelien Bracke