‘Fashion is about the look and feels that clothes give; a reflection of the individual and society. Sustainability is part of this reflection.’ - Melanie Brown

As one of the more sustainably driven labels of the moment, BYBROWN believes in taking positive steps towards a sustainable transformation. Taking positive steps in sustainable production, consumption and post-consumption, creating awareness and spreading sustainable values.

Produced in limited quantities, each design series is made up from technical and recycled fabrics, produced with laser cutting and heat sealing technology.

The future is about recycling and using as few virgin materials as possible. We are currently in the process of developing our first recyclable coat, starting the evolvement of a circular business.

BYBROWN's headquarter is located in the creative space ‘BOUW’ in Amsterdam. BOUW is a collaborative working space for artists and designers. BYBROWN operates on a local scale whenever possible. This maintains a sense of intimacy and supports our sustainable ethos. We only work with partners and external parties who understand the brand’s philosophy and connect with our beliefs. We do all of our production with our certified European partners. Our main manufacturing partner, Pafil, is a family-owned business based in Barcelos, Portugal. Pafil pledges to be fully committed to social, environmental and economic development, based on true values such as ethics and respect as well as seek to fulfill their responsibility towards customers, employees, suppliers and the environment. We are proud to work with this company where BYBROWN products are made for women by mostly women. We always keep close contact with our manufacturers and suppliers to monitor quality as well as improve together.