BYBROWN is always looking for ways to make a difference in the

Climate change is a big topic at the moment and at BYBROWN we want to make sure we make a positive impact.The fashion industry in China is growing exponentially faster than in any other country and we believe that expanding into China is the perfect opportunity to spread a more sustainable way of producing and consuming fashion.

With this message in mind, BYBROWN’s representatives Francys Barboza dos Santos and Tamar Linge went on a research mission to Shanghai to find business partners and expand our brand's reach.

Shanghai is one of the most influential cities in Asia with futuristic skyscrapers that sprawl along the illustrious Yangtze river. The city is an exciting and dynamic metropolis with around 24 million people that has become, over the years, 'The New York of Asia.'

China is a country that has a millenary history but that at the same time, is looking into the future like no other. 

During our mission to Shanghai, we learned first hand how different aspects of Chinese society impacts the fashion market. We dove into the culture, the politics, the history, the trends, the demographics… Understanding the challenges and cultural differences is crucial to keeping a good relationship with Chinese partners.

The mission was filled with exciting meetings, cultural visits, business dinners and talks with local industry specialists.

We hope to have a positive impact in this country in the future and we are looking forward to going back!