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The Dutch upcycling initiative ReBlend has launched its own fashion collection ReBlend | BYBROWN made from 100% recycled material. As 70% of this recycled material is made from textile waste, ReBlend addresses the problem of recycling blends, showing that they can be used for high-quality fashion.
The kickstarter campaign, which started on 27th June and ran for 6 weeks, gave the public the opportunity to buy fashion pieces from this capsule collection and in doing so join the community of people who want to contribute positively to preserving the well being of our planet. The collection, which was designed by BYBROWN, has a fresh, summer feeling and consists of 6 piece collection which includes a woven pair of trousers and a dress as well as knits.
Using blends is a very innovative approach to recycling textiles as up till now nearly all recycling is done with mono fibres (100% cotton, 100% wool or 100% polyester) The recycling capacity of mono fibres is very limited because the majority of the clothes that we wear and then discard are blends. More than 60% are a mixture of cotton, polyester, viscose or wool so we need to start finding ways of utilising it now.
ReBlend offers a realistic solution to the mountains of waste textiles in The Netherlands and an alternative to the production of new materials that pollute our planet, using high volumes of water and producing CO2.
According to Anita De Wit, the initiator of ReBlend, it is imperative that we recycle textiles from blended waste and create a market for high quality recycled products in fashion and other fields such as interior textiles.

In 2014 ReBlend showed their first 100% recycled blended prototypes on the catwalk during the BYBROWN show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam, in collaboration with Sympany, Texperium, Hochschule Niederrhein and Ahrend. The show was sponsored by Sympany.

This Kickstarter campaign is made possible by the textile recycling companies Sympany and Ferre and designers Melanie Brown from BYBROWN, Karin Marseille and Knitwearlab.ReBlend is supported by Stichting Doen.

Photography by Marc Deurloo.
Model: Alex | Code Management
Hair and Make Up: Yvonne Nusdorfer | Angelique Hoorn Management
Video by Joost van Loon.