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This 3 layer, anatomical face mask (mondkapje, mond masker) is hand printed in collaboration with print artist Marnix Postma.
Outer layer made from eco-cotton STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. The middle layer is a microfibre HEPA vacuum cleaner bag filter. Inner layer made from 100% cotton.
A single elastic loop goes above the ears resting quite HIGH ON THE BACK OF THE HEAD, LEAVING THE EARS FREE. The elastic should be worn high enough that it doesn't slip down.
A small strip of aluminium metal over the nose can be pinched together to get a snug fit with no gaps. DO NOT bend the strip backwards.
The microfibre HEPA vacuum cleaner bag filters (made from polypropylene) are 94% effective at keeping out viruses. The mask comes with a pattern and instructions on how to make your own filters from vacuum cleaner bags.
Alternatively, you can use a layer of paper kitchen roll. Cut the kitchen roll (8cm x 11 cm) and insert it in the mask.
The mask helps prevent one touching one’s nose and mouth and also helps protect others from infected droplets, spread through coughing and sneezing.
Wash your hands before and after putting on and removing the mask. When removing the mask only touch the elastic.
Our masks are not certified medical masks and come with no assurances or refunds.
The NO REFUND POLICY is for hygiene reasons.
Made in Europe.

Remove the metal strip from the nose tunnel before washing.
All the masks are 30ºC machine washable.
Hand wash by placing in a bowl of hot water with a little washing detergent.
The mask can be ironed.

Letter PostNL (no assurance) free.
Track and Trace PostNL €4.10
Enjoy free shipping with orders of 4 or more masks.

European Zones:
Track and Trace PostNL - Zone 1 - €4.65
Track and Trance PostNL - Zone 2 - €6.00
Enjoy free shipping with orders of 4 or more masks.

Track and Trace DHL €24.30

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