We are on the verge of presenting our new collection at Tranoi in Paris, but before we do we just want to take a moment to look back at the last collection and thank everybody who was involved, especially 'Stimuleerings Fonds Creatieve Industry'. They supported us with our research, helping us to reach a new level within the field of rain wear.

The collection RAIN takes it's inspiration and form from the Raindress. The unique silhouette has been developed further in an organic process that has resulted in a rain coat, a rain cape, rain spats and a rain skirt. These items are enhanced by a capsule collection of a bomber jacket, trousers, shirts and a dress.

The rain wear is made from an innovative material which contains Scafe made of coffee grounds. As well as being waterproof and breathable, Scafe is fast drying, uv-protected, odour controlling and eco friendly.

front view of the army green raindress, a raincoat engineered for cycling

aqua waterproof raincoat bybrown

aqua assymetric raincoat bybrown

from the raindress campaign, rainskirt designed by melanie brown

bybrown inspired by water

waterproof cyclewear, grey and pink dress

waterproof feminine spats

stimulring fonds creative industrie logo 



Art Direction Occult Studios - Kim Keogh

Photography - Tim Verhallen

Styling - Robert Risteski

Hair - Tommy Hagen

Make-up - Christel Mans

Model - Patricia Nooyen

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