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 This week, Fashion Revolution Week, discover more about Melanie Brown, the designer and driving force behind the BYBROWN label.


Melanie Brown working on patterns in her studio with the sign I Made Your Clothes during Fashion Revolution Week

Melanie, who is Bristish, has lived and worked in The Netherlands for the past 25 years. She started her fashion career at the London College of Fashion continuing her education in Amsterdam at the tailoring school ‘Rotterdamse Snij School’ and later at the art college ‘The Rietveld Academy.’

Melanie has won several awards in the past including the Frans Molenaar Haute Coutuer Prize back in 2002 and more recently, in 2015, the silver prize in The International A’Design Award for her innovative performance garment design with her signature piece, the Raindress.


  • Amanda Pixelunion

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  • May 10, 2017


    You Rock, well deserved, well done, Girlfriend! To be continued…!!

    Your fan, yours sincerely,

    Mario Vieira

    — Mario Vieira

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