BYBROWN believes in a positive change in the fashion industry, and is involved in creating a safer, cleaner and fairer future.

During the Fashion Revolution Week, we are proud to introduce our partners. Here is the SINGTEX story, supplier of our technical Rainwear material.

The factory and it's products are blue sign approved, taking care of the environment and the workers. One of our favourite products is made of SCafé, a blend of recycled coffee grounds and recycled polyester.


 Singtex was established in Taiwan in 1989, originally, as a bedding store. The inherent philosophy of "running the business with conscience and a deep respect for people” is as important today, as it was for the owner's father, and the business now continues into the third generation.

This philosophy, with years of intensive research and development, helped Singtex to evolve into the successful company you see toda
The company has faced many complex challenges; however our passion and respect for both our customers, and our employees, have enabled Singtex
to develop new technologies to overcome these obstacles.

We apply our working philosophy, and strive to make a difference, by actively getting involved in conservation and environmental projects, nurturing new young talent, and also ensuring we set an example by using safe, low carbon footprint production processes. We will continue to innovate and together with our customers, commit to making a positive contribution to the world we share.

  • Anne-Pieter Strikwerda
  • bluesignsingtex

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