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As you may already know, BYBROWN as part of We Are Muze, have excitedly teamed up with Cheryl Schurgers for our upcoming Paris Fashion Week presentation, where each designer will showcase their SS18 collections in collaboration with the visual artistry of Schurgers.

Gif by Koos Breen


Cheryl Schurgers is a visual artist working with photography, who explores the relationship between the cold scrutiny of the camera and the human body. Some of Cheryl's images resemble film stills, referring to the stereotypical idea of twins and characters whose personalities are subconsciously merging into one, blurring identities.

The idea of working with Cheryl is borrowed from her Next of Kin photo series where she, posing together with her sister, plays with the perception of similarity and multiple identities. That idea relates to the multiple identities of the muse in We Are Muze and allows an interaction between the collective designers and Cheryl, with Cheryl herself as the central muse.

The project is called 'Looking for A Cheryl' and began with a casting for Cheryl lookalikes. We selected 9 potential Cheryls. The selected contestants were then invited to enter the realms of both Cheryl and We Are Muze by undergoing an initial identity transformation. They were transformed into a Cheryl both in the way they looked and acted. In this way they became the medium of the alter ego exploration as part of an editorial shoot. The results of the photoshoot will be presented at the We Are Muze presentation in Atelier Neerlandais, 121 Rue de Lille, 75007 Paris on 27th September, 2.30-4.30pm.

Below are two images from Cheryl's Next of Kin series

To see more of Cheryl's work click here.

Watch our presentation unfold via Instagram and find out more about the collective at http://wearemuze.com/

 All images by Cheryl Schurgers


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