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2018 will welcome an exciting collaboration with Marnix Postma, offering BYBROWN a chance to think outside of our box, a moment when art meets fashion.

Print artist Marnix Postma; an Amsterdam based artist who dedicates his work to the exploration of grids, layering and colour, takes his inspiration from the ZERO art movement.

The ZERO movement was founded by Otto Piene and Heinz Mack in post-war 1950s. Channelling a 'Zero' concept creates an uncluttered, infinite feeling of squares and grids in Postma's work. Naturally, in our collaboration, we worked with the hand printed work of Marnix, adding the BYBROWN touch in form and execution. 


Otto Piene, Yves Klein, Günther Uecker


...and so the project was underway! 

Using Marnix's medium of screen printing, we decided to print on fabric to marry his prints with their depth of work on our engineered garments.

In a bid to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact on this sustainable project, we to print everything on our doorstep with AGA Lab, BOUW Amsterdam. It was also crucial for us to use only water based ink, to reduce any toxins from our special collection and keep our garments as clean as possible.



The screens were made, the ink was spread and from then on it was sheer delight. Watching each screen layer over the previously printed ink left us amazed! We are even more excited about the fact that all of our materials used in the project are sustainable, with a mixture of organic cotton and deadstock cotton made with milk fibre.




A few layers later...

After having printed in total 4 layers of blue, green and black, it was time for us, here at BYBROWN, to take our role of designing and cutting, strategically planning what squares will be placed where for the most aesthetically pleasing look.



The garments were then sent to Poland for production.

And so the story continues. In our next blog we will be able to reveal exactly what we made and with whom BYBROWN X Marnix Postma are collaborating. Which project, which country, which magazine .......... 

  • Amanda Pixelunion

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