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X BANK makes its debut in a vast 700m2 hybrid store in the center of Amsterdam. X BANK presents the most comprehensive collection of mostly Dutch fashion, art and design in the world and BYBROWN is honoured to be part of it with the Raindress. Housed in the iconic Kas Bank on the Spuistraat in Amsterdam, X BANK is located on the ground and first floor of the  globally acclaimed W Amsterdam and is just steps away from Dam Square.

The ground floor of the building is predominantly used as an Art Gallery. Throughout the year X BANK will host small and large scale exhibitions, lectures and talks that are open to the public. The first floor hosts a cutting edge retail space, offering fashion, art and design.

“The long awaited and much anticipated opening of X BANK at the W Amsterdam brings a distinctive new take on fashion, art and design to the heart of the city,” said Bram Van Der Hoek, Chairman Advisory Board of X BANK.

Office Winhov serves as the exterior architect while Baranowitz Kronenberg Architecture designed the interior of X BANK. Europe Hotels Private Collection operates as the initiating platform for this exceptional venture, alongside and in collaboration with W Amsterdam.

Go visit if you are in Amsterdam, a unique retail experience.


The street view of the W hotel on the Spuistraat in the heart of Amsterdam

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The Raindress takes pride of place in the beautiful store

We were there at the opening where great fun was had by all !

Here is a photo taken by Het Parool Newspaper

 There are 180 labels available in the X BANK, here is the list..........

X A-dam Underwear X Aldo Bakker X Alexandra Frida X Alfredo Gonzales X Amor Mondial X Anne de Grijff X Anne de Vries X Anne-Grethe Filtenborg X Anne van den Boogaard X Aliki van der Kruijs X Arnout Meijer X Atelier Vlisco X Avelon X Aziz Bekkaoui X Bananatime X Barbara Langendijk   X Barentz X Bas Kosters X bé by Benine van Karnebeek X Bckspace X Bibi van der Velden X Black Rabbit X BLCK X B-Made X Booon X Breizh   X BuroBELÉN X BYBORRE X BY1OAK X BYBROWN X Canoof X Cees n Co X   Charlotte Wooning X Choices by DL X Chris Kabel X Christine Alberts X II by Claes Iversen X Claesen’s X Corné Gabriels X Crafts Council X Cristel Ball X Daily Paper X Daphny Raes X Dead Clean X DEMAKERSVAN X DENHAM X Denise Roobol X Desiree Hammen X Dieter Volkers X Dirk Vander Kooij X Droog X Edwin Oudshoorn X Eijk-Amsterdam X Ellis Faas X Elvira ’t Hart X Eric von Robertson X EST-1966 X Dorhout Mees X Fernanda Fernandes X First of August X Frank Bruggeman X Fransje Killaars X FRISEAU X StudioFriso X Fromanteel X Gabriel + Guevara X Gem Kingdom X G-STAR RAW X Hans van Bentem X Heroes on Socks X Het Hanze Huis X HEYNIEK X Imps & Elfs X Ineke van der Werff X INK Inklusive X Irene Fortuyn X IVY & LIV X J.C. HERMAN ceramics X Jan Jansen X Jannissima X Jelle Mastenbroek X JH Locturnal X Johnny Loco X Join the Pipe X Jonathan Christopher X JONGHLABEL X Juliette Warmenhoven X 210TH X Karim Adduchi X Kings of Indigo X Kiyoko X Klaas Kuiken X KOMONO X Kranen Gille X LAAEL X LEFF amsterdam X L’enfant Terrible X Lensvelt X Leonie & Lois X LIKE THIS X LINJA shoes X Lisa Konno X Liza Witte X Lizan Freijsen X Loes Vrij X Lola + Lou X   Maison Indigo X   Maison Mona di Orio X MAISON the FAUX X Marcel Wanders X Maria Jobse X Marichelle X Marie-Stella-Maris X Mark Sturkenboom X Martine van ‘t Hul X MaryMe-JimmyPaul X Mason Garments X Mattijs van Bergen X Melvin Anderson X Mercer Amsterdam X Mevis & van Deursen X Mike Pratt X Mlle Sollie X MOAM X More Eyewear X Mr. Ali X Moooi X Nathan Azhderian X Nathaniel Mellors X Nature Access 4 All X Navid Nuur X NEW DESIGN ASSOCIATES X New Tailor X Nieuw Jurk X North Sails X O MY BAG X Oda Pausma X Onomatopee X OntFront X Ontour X OOST/WEST AMSTERDAM X OS & OOS X Patty Struik X PIETER X The People of the Labyrinths X PIG & HEN X Quoc Thang X Ray Simons Amsterdam X rENs X Roos van Soest X Rosefield X Sander Wassink X Santa Che X Scotch & Soda X Schueller de Waal X Sema Bekirovic X Siba Sahabi X Soonsalon X SOTINE X Spijkers en Spijkers X ST. STUDIO X Statement Jewels X Studio Drift X Studio Thomas Voorn X Studio Minale-Maeda X Suited Products X SYOU X Ted Noten X The Dutch Hatter X Thier & van Daalen X Thomas Eurlings X TONY COHEN X TouchéToday X United Nude X van Heeschdesign X van der Borne X VANDORST1968 X Veloretti X Vlieger en van Dam X VonWinckelmann X Von Eusersdorff X Vroonland X WANDSCHAPPEN X Welter Shelter X Woo X Zenggi X Zenology X


  • Melanie Brown

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