BYBROWN is collaborating with SeeMe Hearts for the next 6 weeks.

Come see, feel and experience the world of the Raindress now at SeeMe Amsterdam.

This beautiful little shop in the Haarlemmerstraat has an even more beautiful story.

All the SeeMe heart shaped jewellery is handcrafted by women who have been victims of violence. SeeMe empowers these women to lead independent lives through the provision of sustainable work. The brand aims at bridging luxury and fair trade and is expanding fast, from heart to heart.

With the Raindress, and the upcoming  BYBROWN Raindressed Collection, we want the rain to move your heart.

Many thanks to Catarina Occhino and her beautiful team!

Come see the Raindress at SeeMe, Haarlemmerstraat 72, Amsterdam.

The Raindress display will be there until 15th November.


  • Melanie Brown
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  • Oct 05, 2015

    These pictures are stunning! Any plans to bring them to UK. Given our weather I could do with one!

    — Alison Wright

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