• WARRIOR PART 1 - A/W 2012/13
  • Anne-Pieter Strikwerda
WARRIOR PART 1 - A/W 2012/13

We were looking through the archive and came across this film that we want to share with you.


This collection was inspired by the Korean Martial Art, Kuk Sool Won. The form and movements of this discipline played an important roll in the realisation of the design. Movement also plays a role in the presentation of the collection with the reference to the photographer Eadweard Muybridge.

In this collection ‘warrior’ refers to the women of our time, the warrior in us all.

It was made by Roberta Marques during the photoshoot of the collection by Wouter Vandenbrink.The creative direction is by Robert Risteski , Hair and Make up by Carlos Saidel and model Shona Lee Gal at Future Faces.


  • Anne-Pieter Strikwerda

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