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The IMF Foundation have created a major exhibition dedicated to the contemporary design of the bicycle "Bike Future Design" and we are very excited to be involved! The exhibition is currently being hosted at the Design Museum Gent in Belgium until 23rd October 2016.

The BYBROWN raindress is being shown as part of the exhibition which presents contemporary bicycle models, prototypes experimenting with unusual materials and functions, cargo bikes as well as accessories which will revolutionize mobility in the near future.

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The raindress is available on the museum's webshop.

Bike to the Future is a joint effort of Design museum Gent and the IMF Foundation curated by Thomas Blanca Wittouck and Elisabetta Pizu, which offers a glimpse of the future of the bike. Both talent and inventiveness are the driving forces behind this exhibition, where brilliant ideas and ingenious prototypes are key. By combining form and technology in different ways, designers reinvent the bike time and again. The result is a photo finish of design exquisite craftsmanship and industry.

The bicycle has been an icon since World Was II. No longer a frame with two wheels, it is a symbol of a sustainable and sporty future. The visitors to the exhibition will discover all aspects of cycling in a unique story.

The exhibition showcases contemporary models, such as the electric bike 'M.A.S.S' by Philippe Strack as well as prototypes and experiments with unusual materials and functions.

Designers: Giovanni Alli, Philippe Arrouart, Yael Avni, Mattis Bernstone, ByBrown, Leopold Brötzmann-Sebastian Backhaus-Ambivalenz - Malte Grieb, Kathryn Carlson, Closca Design and Culdesac, Sebastian Conran, Nele Dittmar, Faris Elmasu, Fietsklik and Spark, Geoffrey Franklin, Odo Fioravanti, Sandra García
and Sergio Mendoza, David Gengler, Goodmorning Technology, Keim (Paule Guérin, Till Breitfuss,Charles Boulnois), KiBiSi, Ralf Kittmann, Kompaniet Design and Carl Cyrén, Tom Hambrock and JuriSpetter, Sara Henrichs, Martino Hutz-Atanas Zhelev-Mariya Korolova, Andrew Lang, Patrick Laing and Dan
McMahon, Basten Leijh, Danilo Leonardi and Valentina Antinori (tagmi studio), Roberto Lombardi, Ross Lovegrove, Jared Madsen, Ian Mahaffy, Map Project Office, dr. Vincent Marcel, Marin Myftiu-Hussain Almossawi-Franco Moro-Marcello Fantuzzi, Karl Mikael Ling, Nonusual, nr21 Design GmbH, Colin Owen
- Remy Labeque - Nick Riddle, Chris Owens and Jonathan Lansey, Sam Pearce,   Pili Pili, Louis P-Huard,Pizzolorusso, Mojtaba Raeisi, Riccardo Randi-Andrea Sangalli-Edoardo Ferrari, Audrey Robinson/Dargelos, Gemma Roper, Kai Malte Röver/Formpasch Design, Gianluca Sada, Mark Sanders, Richard Sapper, Romolo Stanco, Philippe Starck, Studio Marlies Schets, Michael Stearns/Hybrid3 design
studio, Jens Martin Skibsted, Adrian Solgaard, Sovrappensiero Design Studio,    Paul Timmer, Hugo van de Watering, Jeroen van IJzendoorn and Robert van de Wiel, Wytze van Mansum, Velo Labs, Elian Veltman, Vindberg Design (Julia Stock and Breido Botkus), Valentin Vodev, Nathan Wills, Martin Zanolin, Christian Zanzotti, Matteo Zugnoni.

  • Melanie Brown

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